Spray Dried | Agglomerated | 3 in 1 Coffee Mix
Smoothy powder

Foreign matters:
NegativePhysicals Parameter:
Colour: To be agreed
Moisture: Max. 3.0 % (infra red)
Density: 160 - 300 g/liter (free flow)
Sediment: Max. 0.2 %(filter)
Flowability: Not Plug (visual)
Particle Size: To be agreed (shieve shaker 2 minutes)

Chemicals Parameter:
Caffeine: Min. 2.8 %(spectrophotometry)
pH: 4.5 - 5.5

Microbiologicals Parameter:

Total Plate Count: Max. 3.0 x 103 CFU/g
Coliform: Max. 10 CFU/g
Fecal Coliform: Negative
Yeast and Mould: Max. 50 CFU/g

Shelf Life Product:
24 months from production date in a fresh and dry place storage
-GLASS JAR 200 g net packed
-GLASS JAR 100 g net packed

Loading Capacity:
-GLASS JAR 200 g, 1200 cartons for 14,400 Glass Jars (2,880 kg net) in 20' container
-GLASS JAR 100 g, 1482 cartons for 29,640 Glass Jars (2,964 kg net) in 20' container
Instant coffee in the form of smooth fine powder. We carefully select and clean arabica and robusta green beans from local and imported sources. Thereafter, the green beans are roasted to different degrees of color and blended according to the desired color and taste characteristics of the final product. The roasted beans are then ground and go through the extraction process. Our extraction process makes use of advanced technology termed "fast and double extraction" whereby the first extract is rich in aroma and flavor and the second extract termed hydrolyze is full in body. The first extract goes to the aroma recovery system, where we make distillation of all aromas. The second extract, hydrolyze, goes to the centrifuge and subsequently to the evaporator for obtaining higher concentration. The two extracts together with the distillated aromas are mixed to result in a concentrated extract. The concentrated extract is finally sent to the multi-stage spray dried system. Again, we use a new concept in our spray dried process in which the maximum temperature used is lower than conventional methods thereby better retaining aroma and flavor in our final product.


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