Spray Dried | Agglomerated | 3 in 1 Coffee Mix
Clumbly granules

Foreign matters:

Physicals Parameter:
Colour: To be agreed
Moisture: Max. 4.0 % (infra red)
Density: 190 - 360 g/liter(free flow)
Sediment: Max. 0.2 % (filter)
Flowability: Not Plug(visual)
Particle Size: To be agreed (shieve shaker 2 minutes)

Chemicals Parameter:
Caffeine: Min. 2.8 % (spectrophotometry)
pH: 4.5 -5.5

Microbiologicals Parameter:
Total Plate Count: Max. 3.0 x 103 CFU/g
Coliform: Max. 10 CFU/g
Fecal Coliform: Negative
Yeast and Mould: Max. 2.0 x 102 CFU/g

Shelf Life Product:
24 months from production date in a fresh and dry place storage

-GLASS JAR, 200 g packed
-GLASS JAR, 100 g packed
-SACHET 2 g, Carton box with 30 inner box @ 20 sachet 2 g

Loading Capacity:
-GLASS JAR 200 g, 1200 cartons for 14,400 Glass Jars (2,880 kg net) in 20' container
-GLASS JAR 100 g, 1482 cartons for 29,640 Glass Jars(2,964 kg net) in 20' container
-SACHET 2 g, 1530 cartons for 918,000 sachets (1,836 kg net) in 20' container

Agglomerated instant coffee is a derivative of spray dried instant coffee differing in the physical aspect. Agglomerated coffee takes the form of natural looking granules. Spray dried coffee is atomized with steam and water utilizing rotary disc. Utilizing rotary disc has several advantages over falling curtain method; no further grinding of the spray dried coffee required, stronger mechanical resistance of the final product and absence of fines powder.



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